Shieldcast with Clare Ducksbury

Our CEO, Clare Ducksbury, joined Sheildcast for their inaugural episode of their class actions series.

In the episode, they focus on Clare’s knowledge of the technology that underpins the industry and discuss the role is plays in the development of the class action regime. Here are a few insights that were shared during the podcast: 

  1. Planning ahead to use technology to solve key pain points in the class action process:
    • Technology is essential to the success of the class action proces
    • In the past, technology was built on demand to meet the needs of litigation as it was proceeding, but now technology is being built in anticipation of needs and challenges.
    • Law firms, case administrators, and technology providers are coming together ahead of cases being filed to consider the end-to-end journey of the claimant and how technology can make the process faster, easier, and more secure.

  2. Meeting client expectations:

    • Consumer expectations have changed profoundly as more and more services have become digitized.
    • Law firms managing mass litigation cases must reconsider their processes to better connect with clients to ensure a successful claim
    •  Increased digitization is an opportunity for opt-in actions as many people will not engage with the case unless it is easy and convenient.

  3. Delivering consistency, auditability, reportability and defensibility:
    • Technology can be used to achieve consistency throughout proceedings and ensure there are no human errors or biases applied.
    • Digital tools provide a robust audit trail that can always be referred back to.
    • Record-keeping is important for defensibility and to provide a robust rebuttal to any challenges from defendants.
    • Building up a database of information enables legal teams to be able to slice and dice the data and group claimants based on certain characteristics of their claim.

  4. Educating the public:

    • Law firms and technology partners need to play an active role in educating consumers on what class actions are and how they work.
    • Consumers need to understand the risk and cost to individuals as well as how the regime compares to others.

Listen to the podcast here

Created: 3 November 2022 | Author: Bobby Syrett | Last Updated: 30 June 2023

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