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Providing the expertise, technology and tools to manage collective actions


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We provide a portfolio of services that prove invaluable in the administration of group actions. 

We understand the importance of analysing data, documents and information not only in the context of disclosure but to drive the case forward and support success

Using our established team of project managers, developers and support staff, as well as a network of third party providers, we can provide beginning to end litigation support solutions


  • Set up of a telephone response unit to support crowdsourcing efforts and/or press releases

  • Provision of a registration website

  • Direct Notice mailings

  • Capture of registrant information/questionnaire completion

  • Identification of potentially duplicative registrations

  • Client engagement paperwork


  • Reporting on claimant group demographics

  • Lead claimant identification

  • Damages analysis to include applicable interest calculations and valuation of different heads of claim (i.e. stand alone and follow on)

  • Reporting on value of claim at an individual level and overall case value

  • Quantum analysis to demonstrate that particular funding and/or participation thresholds are met

  • Identifying claimant sub-groups satisfying criteria for multiple heads of claim

  • Schedule of Loss

  • Post settlement distribution


  • Keeping Claimant group informed of progress, dealing with Claimant enquiries and additional information requests

  • Generating real-time bespoke reports to support the work of lawyers, Counsel and experts

  • Providing transparent audit trail with automated and other quality control methodologies throughout

  • Creating, coordinating and communicating with a Steering Committee

  • Devising methodologies for the management and use of Claimant information


  • Collation and capture of information and documentation to support the claim

  • Claim eligibility, evaluation and validation

  • Evidence gathering and analysis to include review and tagging of supporting documentation (electronic and hard copy material) in contemplation of disclosure

  • Process methodologies to ensure appropriate level of proof has been reached by group participants

  • Identifying potentially frivolous claims

  • Group Registers


  • Implementation of best practice technical solutions and database formats to include development of bespoke databases and/or management and customisation of   off-the-shelf products

  • Disclosure workplan and strategy including production of List of Documents and assistance with ESI Questionnaires

  • Liaising with third party e-Disclosure providers

  • Management of disclosure reviews

  • Review and analysis of corporate client data collected from internal systems

  • Migration of third party data

  • Understanding substantial complex data sets in the context of a claim

  • Applying assumptions and extrapolations to fill data gaps

  • Tackling opposition disclosure

  • Data protection considerations




CASE PILOTS is led by Clare Ducksbury whose skills and experience lend themselves to the successful, efficient and cost effective administration of a collective action.

Over the course of 20 years, Clare has been instrumental in the administration of various high profile and significant collective actions, including international Holocaust reparation programs; the landmark Birmingham City Council equal pay ruling; the groundbreaking settlement in the marine hose antitrust case; and the UK Air Cargo claim being brought on behalf of over 500 corporate claimants.


Clare spent 10 years as a Partner at Forensic Risk Alliance (‘FRA’) during which time she lived in New York for one year advising the Program for Former Slave and Forced Laborers on implementation of heirs and appeals processes, and headed up the integration of three German state Holocaust compensation programs.

In addition – whilst at FRA – Clare designed and managed the UNISON member part-time pension claims evaluation system, drafted the business rules and created the relational database for validation and valuation of Support Equal Pay claims, and introduced the response process for the BA/Virgin Air Passenger price fixing litigation. She was also responsible for the post-settlement administration of the Parker ITR Worldwide Settlement in the marine hose antitrust case.


Prior to joining FRA, Clare worked for 4 years in Switzerland as Project Manager of the Claims Resolution Tribunal of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation where she headed up all back-office functions of the Tribunal, established to adjudicate and resolve all claims to published dormant accounts. The Tribunal processed over 70,000 claims from 27 countries in 20 different languages.


Clare continues to also focus on her role as an independent consultant (Duckers Consultancy) providing advice to law firms and funders in respect of processes to collect and analyse high volume documents and/or data, with particular expertise in multi-party actions, claim validation, disclosure strategy and quantum of damages.  Over the course of the past 9 years, she has - and continues to - advised lawyers, corporate clients and economists in respect of actions seeking damages as a result of breaches of European and UK competition laws in the Air Cargo claims.



Clinton Smith is a Microsoft Certified Professional with over 10 years’ experience designing, developing and maintaining robust technical solutions and workflows to support multi-party actions – including development of case management applications, information gathering web interfaces, sophisticated quantum calculation programs and document management/review tools.


In addition to providing litigation support services to law firms, Clinton has worked with advertising and marketing executives handling high-through-put applications delivering location based advertising and reporting.  Clinton has also worked with corporate clients and their lawyers handling extensive data sets in varying formats and from a variety of sources in support of multi-party competition cases.

Clinton has over 5 years’ cloud computing knowledge specializing in Microsoft’s Azure Platform, designing and implementing Azure SQL data warehouses for data mining and reporting.  He has utilized Azure Service Bus, Events Hubs and Stream Analytics for live data processing and created dashboards with PowerBi.



Kevin Miles has 25 years’ extensive experience in the Investment Banking Industry. His expertise lies in Global Settlements and Payments Technologies for Foreign Exchange, Money Markets and Futures & Options. With over 3 years in-depth knowledge of Regulatory Reporting, related Sanctions, Compliance and management of control processing surrounding FCA & EMIR Transaction Reporting.

In addition to working in Global Settlements and Regulatory Reporting, Kevin has also managed teams within these sectors for 7 years and successfully coordinated the ‘3 year Outsource Plan’ of a department to Asia, to include infrastructure, processes / procedures and providing direct 1:1 coaching of the team members and Senior Management within the Asia office. 
Kevin has also led the development and management of UAT and regression testing on system enhancements and implementation, to drive process improvements and automation, and provide ongoing support in accordance with Audit requirements.

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Mishcon de Reya LLP
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Hausfeld LLP
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Air Cargo Competition Claims

Working closely with corporate clients, lawyers and economists in respect of actions in the UK and the Netherlands seeking damages as a result of breaches of European and UK competition laws. Information gathering via claimant consultation and intermediaries, detailed analysis of in excess of 20,000 complex – and often fragmented – data files in order to validate high value corporate claims and satisfy funding eligibility.  Developing business rules and technology to deal with data conversion, standardization, de-duplication, exceptions, disclosure and multiple sophisticated litigation reports.

BA / Virgin Air Passenger Price Fixing Litigation

Establishing a rapid response mechanism for non-US victims, handling almost 100,000 claim enquiries and dealing with associated information gathering, in a four month period.

Cabbie Group Action claims against Uber

Retained by Mishcon de Reya, acting for black cab drivers across London in a planned group legal action against Uber for damages and loss of earnings on the basis of Uber’s alleged unlawful operations in London. Handling communications with the claimant group on behalf of the branded  “Cabbie Group Action” campaign, including KYC checks and signing of onboarding documentation, as well as additional information gathering via email links and questionnaires.

Claims Resolution Tribunal of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation, Switzerland

Processing over 33,000 claims and an additional 40,000 initial questionnaires from Nazi victims or heirs to their assets in relation to 29,670 dormant accounts and the Swiss Bank settlement of $1.25 billion.  Receipt of claims from 27 countries and in 20 different languages, with a total amount awarded of $515.6 million. SEE MORE>

Converium Securities Litigation

Advising Garden City Group (GCG) and co-Counsel (SKRW and BLBG) in respect of Settlement Bailiff responsibilities for service/Notice of Hearing Announcement on non-US Exchange Purchaser class action members, relating to a petition filed with the Amsterdam Court of Appeal of the Netherlands.  In particular, acting as agent for GCG to facilitate service in accordance with the Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters and advising GCG on all aspects relating thereto.

German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future”, New York

Heading up the technical integration of three funds included in the DM 10 billion fund established in 2000 to make pension and one-time payments to eligible Jewish survivors and heirs in most countries around the world. SEE MORE>

John “Goldfinger” Palmer Timeshare Fraud

Designing case management system, business rules and protocols for claim evaluation and data & document management – as well has handling incredibly complex quantum calculations – in a case on behalf of over 350 individuals resulting in a judgment of over £3.8 million.

Marine Hose Antitrust Litigation

Post settlement distribution in the groundbreaking Parker ITR s.r.l Worldwide Settlement – a commercial, non-court based private settlement agreement in respect of a global cartel. SEE MORE>

Support Equal Pay

Designing business rules and claims management database for the validation and valuation of in excess of 8,000 equal pay claims, resulting in the landmark ruling to allow equal pay claims to be heard in the civil courts.

The Claims Conference Program for Former Slave and Forced Laborers, New York

Administration of German government DM 10 billion fund.  Working with a team to design systems that managed over 265,000 complex claims resulting in payments to victims of over $5 billion.  Most complex program ever administered by Claims Conference entailing levels of technology, staffing and international coordination unprecedented in the organisation’s history. SEE MORE>

UNISON Member Part-time Pension Claims

Processing in excess of 22,000 union member claims to the Employment Tribunal Services.  Complex claims process resulting from 11 years of litigation, with claims backdated to as early as 1976. SEE MORE>

Vivendi Settlement

Advising Garden City Group (GCG) in respect of collecting data from class members in EU jurisdictions for use in foreign proceedings and Notice program considerations where a large percentage of the class were expected to be domiciled in France, the UK and the Netherlands.

Case Pilots limited logo



We are extremely well placed to provide essential litigation support services in projects of any scale and nature.

Over 20 years, we have been instrumental in the administration of various high profile and complex collective actions.

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Case Pilots limited logo



If you would like to find out more about our services

please do contact Clare on +44 (0)7764 853843 or at

Our office address and telephone number :-

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Tel: +44 (0) 1376 440 100


We are more than happy to meet with you on a no obligation, confidential basis

to discuss your existing or potential collective action.


We have representatives in London and our back office operations all take place just one hour outside London.

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