Our ESG Mission

Here at Case Pilots, we proudly emphasise Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. As a forward-thinking organisation, we understand the critical importance of aligning business practices with sustainability, ethical responsibility, and long-term value creation.

We have been dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint through various initiatives, both past and ongoing. These measures encompass remote working, which reduces needless office commuting and travel-related emissions. Furthermore, we have equipped our team with sustainable accessories such as reusable water bottles and travel mugs. Our commitment extends to guiding team members on reducing their individual carbon footprints while working from home the majority of the time. We also believe it is a priority of ours to ensure we collaborate with suppliers and partners who also share our eco-conscious values.

Greener Litigation Pledge

The Greener Litigation Pledge, founded by Mishcon De Reya, is a transformative platform that serves as a catalyst for inspiring and guiding members, including ourselves, who are involved in litigation practices, to adopt greener and more sustainable actions. As committed signatories of the pledge, we actively participate in meetings and discussions, passionately working towards making a real impact within the legal sector and contributing to a sustainable future. Our dedication to this cause drives us to continuously explore innovative solutions and drive positive change through our own organisation.  

Find out more about the Greener Litigation Pledge here: Signatories - Greener Litigation

Greener Litigation


In addition to our commitment to sustainability, we are excited to share our participation in an exciting team-building initiative called OnHand. Known as the "all-in-one tool for corporate volunteering and sustainability action," OnHand empowers the entire Case Pilots team to engage in individual activities and collaborative team bonding exercises. This innovative app not only enables us to contribute our efforts towards a greener world, but also adds a touch of fun to the process. 

Feel the Eco Love:

We couldn't resist getting involved in their latest campaign, ECO Love! Running from March 18 to April 28 this year, it's a celebration of all things beneficial for our planet. As we gear up for Earth Week on April 21, we're getting warmed up so the planet doesn't have to.

Check out our most recent team missions for OnHand's ECO Love Earth Week Campaign: 

To find out more about the campaign visit: Feel the Eco Love — OnHand (

Onhand App

#TeamSeas and #TeamTrees

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we wholeheartedly support and contribute to two incredible initiatives: Team Seas and Team Trees. 

Team Seas

Team Seas represents an ambitious collaborative initiative with the mission to combat ocean pollution and safeguard our invaluable marine ecosystems. This movement was initiated in October 2021 by a group of dedicated content creators and philanthropists with a goal to raise $30m to remove 30m Ilbs of debris from the worlds Oceans, Rivers and Beaches. Since then, not only have they surpassed that goal but have successfully brought millions of individuals, businesses, and organisations together in a united front against the escalating threat of marine debris, and they are not stopping there!

Our donation to Team Seas 

Last year, we proudly donated funds to support the Team Seas initiative, aligning with our Mission Statement and Greener Litigation Pledge. This contribution facilitated the verified removal of 400lbs of marine litter, preserving aquatic life and ensuring a sustainable future for our oceans. 

Teamseas Logo
800Px Team Trees Circle Logo.Svg

Team Trees:

Team Trees is a collaborative fundraising initiative that aims to combat climate change by planting trees. It was founded by a YouTuber and former NASA engineer in late 2019 and quickly gained momentum! The idea behind Team Trees is for every $1 donated, one tree is planted with a goal to plant 20 million trees around the world by the end of 2019. 

Our donation to Team Trees

As a thank you to our amazing clients, we were proud to recently donate funds to the Team Trees initiative and planted 400 trees worldwide! At Case Pilots, this initiative holds a special place in our hearts, aligning perfectly with our commitment to greener litigation. 

Feel free to explore our donation page and join us in making a positive impact! 


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