Clare Ducksbury, CEO of Case Pilots, spoke at the ICLG Global Legal Group Class Action Symposium 2022 in Amsterdam, alongside industry experts. The panel discussed various aspects of global class actions, including settlements, funding, and technology's role in payments administration.

Clare Ducksbury, our CEO, was invited to speak at the ICLG Global Legal Group Class Action Symposium 2022 in Amsterdam. This was a gathering of some of the brightest minds in the legal industry who discussed various topics related to class action settlements, funding, and leveraging technology to administer payments.

At the event, Clare shared the panel with industry experts Rory Spillman, Pete Jones and Scott Carr. Together, they provided invaluable insights into the world of global class actions and discussed the best practices for resolving them. The discussion touched upon a range of topics including funding, technology and the role of the legal professionals in resolving these complex cases.

The gathering was a great opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and highlight our commitment to innovation in the legal industry. As one of the pioneers of legal technology, Case Pilots is at the forefront of developments in the class action space. Our innovative approach to case management has helped clients resolve complex legal disputes efficiently and effectively.

In addition to the insightful discussions, the event provided a platform for industry experts to catch up with colleagues, friends and contacts, both old and new. It was a great opportunity to network and share ideas with like-minded professionals.

We are proud to be part of this dynamic and evolving industry and look forward to continuing to drive innovation and change in the legal sector. 

Published: Tuesday, 01 November 2022
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