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UNISON Member Part-time Pension Claims

Processing in excess of 22,000 union member claims to the Employment Tribunal Services.  Complex claims process resulting from 11 years of litigation, with claims backdated to as early as 1976.

Design and management of pension claims evaluation system.  Training, monitoring and managing a team to prepare, submit and track claims to the Employment Tribunal Service on behalf of UNISON members.  Questionnaire and document review in order to determine the merits of each claim, liaising with members in respect of merits determination, detailed electronic submissions on behalf of members with valid claims to Defendant employers and the Employment Tribunal, dedicated telephone support line, document and database management, validation of claims and keeping all parties informed throughout.



We are extremely well placed to provide essential litigation support services in projects of any scale and nature.


We have set out below just some of our experience in this area.

Over 20 years, we have been instrumental in the administration of various high profile and complex collective actions.

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