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German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future”, New York

Heading up the technical integration of three funds included in the DM 10 billion fund established in 2000 to make pension and one-time payments to eligible Jewish survivors and heirs in most countries around the world.

Fund established following lengthy negotiations among the U.S., German, Israeli and several Eastern European governments.  The Claims Conference was responsible for outreach, applications and payments in respect of three categories of claim:

  1. The Article 2 Fund, a lifetime pension for certain persons who were incarcerated in concentration camps, ghettos or forced labor battalions or who were forced to go into hiding;

  2. The Central and Eastern European Fund, a pension program similar to the Article 2 Fund distributing payments to survivors located in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union; and

  3. The Hardship Fund, a one-time payment for Jewish victims of Nazism who emigrated from Soviet bloc countries and met certain eligibility criteria established by the German government



We are extremely well placed to provide essential litigation support services in projects of any scale and nature.


We have set out below just some of our experience in this area.

Over 20 years, we have been instrumental in the administration of various high profile and complex collective actions.

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