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Claims Resolution Tribunal of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation, Switzerland

Processing over 33,000 claims and an additional 40,000 initial questionnaires from Nazi victims or heirs to their assets in relation to 29,670 dormant accounts and the Swiss Bank settlement of $1.25 billion.  Receipt of claims from 27 countries and in 20 different languages, with a total amount awarded of $515.6 million.

The Tribunal was established in 1997 to adjudicate claims to dormant accounts published by the Swiss Bankers Association, defined to include accounts opened by non-Swiss customers that had been inactive since the end of the Second World War (May 9, 1945).  Our work involved implementation of complex rules of procedure, developing the claims handling database and business rules, call centre procedures and scripts, template documentation, co-ordination of plenary sessions, assignment of case files, document management, file reviews, audits and archiving procedures.



We are extremely well placed to provide essential litigation support services in projects of any scale and nature.


We have set out below just some of our experience in this area.

Over 20 years, we have been instrumental in the administration of various high profile and complex collective actions.

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